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Phoenix Feathers* - Terri Jones 2007

Tetraploid, 27" EM Sev Re 6.75" diameter
[(Red Suspenders x Panama Jack) X Six Sixty Six]*

Rich red, sometimes with an undertone of orange, slight darker band and slightly ligher sepals, open form like its sibling MARTIAN WALKABOUT* and with similar blooming power. 3 branches, 22 buds.

$75 singe or double fan, depending on how they divide out.

Orders may be emailed to me at,
or you can mail a check or money order to:
     Terri Jones, Magic Seeds Nursery
     5902 W. Thonotosassa Rd.
     Plant City FL 33565-5714,

And you can call me with questions at: (813) 982-9616. I am available most afternoons and evenings.

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